Sometimes I put art here.

If you need a thing (glass of water, special tags, you name it) just shoot me a message! Don't be shy, I only have one row of teeth.

My sexuality is my own and I am allowed to talk to whoever I want and be as genial and personable as I want and I do not deserve to get attacked or put down when I make mistakes and I can be friends with anyone I please and my choices are my own and only I am allowed to judge them

I am not a bad person for who and what I am, I will not be guilted for any of it, nothing can be used or levered against me to make me change, nobody is allowed to exploit my weaknesses and fears to call me out or force me to do or not do anything in the world

nobody is allowed to attack the people I love for any reason and nobody can put words in my mouth, ever

sometimes it is good to put these things into writing even when I’m calm and happy because I need the reminder

and someone else might too!! these apply to everyone

and if anyone tries to do these things, kick dirt in their face they don’t deserve ya

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