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Idk if I am 100% correct with this but I am pretty sure that the Mayan calendar isn’t really a religious text. It’s a feat of their grasp of astronomical and mathematical concepts; furthermore, there have been multiple calendars in Mayan history and it’s important to designate which one you’re talking about.

It’s true that some of their calendars corresponded to their spiritual beliefs; certain calendars such as the Tzolk’in used carefully calculated dates to correspond to their religious figures and events, and in their belief system it was a god who gave them the ability to make calendars. But there are multiple Mayan calendar systems that were used over long spans of time that did not depend on religious information and were based on careful astronomical observations. For example, the Haab’ calendar is very close to the Western, Gregorian calendar used up to today, with nearly the same number of days in a year.

This doesn’t mean that the calendar(s) shouldn’t be respected as a cultural triumph and again I could be wrong as I’m not an expert in the subject! If anyone knows more about this I’d love to hear about it—

  1. hivemindmonster said: TRUEFACTS I’m not as certain about the Maya calender specifically but calenders were to denote rituals, ceremonies, and stuff like that and a great number of them weren’t 365 days. The Chilam Balams are the closest to a surviving religious text.
  2. ohnocomics said: Well it’s mostly one pot head that got on tv that created most of the hype about 2012, besides if you look up interviews with Mayan chieftains they all say “lol wtf are you whities talkin’ about”
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