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I would put his info under a cut but it’s not letting me do that so …

ANYWAY he’s a recurring character so I’ve seen him more than once in dreams and each time he does something different? Sometimes he’s a bounty hunter, sometimes he’s just employed by people to control captives, sometimes he’s an outright assassin. But what makes him creepy is that he’s not really a solid being; he’s made of this bizarre sentient goop stuff. His method of predation is to capture you and then calm you down and make you very comfy and trusting and stuff

…and then he /absorbs you/ which is creepy as shit. And you have to breathe in his icky gunk stuff. It’s p. traumetizing.

I mean it’s handy for him because nobody’s going to be running off until he delivers them for bounty or whatever but. If he wants to kill you he can just digest you and not a thing you can do about it.

/ Creepiest character I have ever created/ you are welcome tumblr.

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