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Probably the most successful movie villain I’ve seen to date has to be Capitán Vidal from Pan’s Labyrinth.

This is really apparent in the scenes in which he’s getting ready to torture the stutterer and Mercedes; the level of dispassion and utter lack of empathy is absolutely terrifying. As in it really gave me chills and freaked me out completely and totally.

Capitán Vidal: Garces is right. You’d do better to tell us everything. But to make sure it happens, I brought along a few tools. Just things you pick up along the way. At first I won’t be able to trust you, but after I use this, you’ll own up to a few things. When we get to these we’ll have developed a… how can I put this? A closer bond, much like brothers. You’ll see. And when we get to this one, I’ll believe anything you tell me.

Capitán Vidal: I’ll make you a deal. If you can count to three without st-t-uttering you can go. Don’t look at him look at me. Above me there is no one. Garces!
Garcés: Yes Captain?
Capitán Vidal: If I say this asshole can leave would anybody here contradict me?
Garcés: No one Captain. He can leave.
Capitán Vidal: There you have it. Count to three.
El Tarta: One…
Capitán Vidal: Good.
El Tarta: Two…
Garcés: Good - one more and you’re free.
El Tarta: T-t-t-t-t…
Capitán Vidal: Shame.

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