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AMOS IS the head of a clan of werewolves , a very large and well-organized pack whose headquarters are outside a small town in the middle of Cold Snowy Nowhere. Hester is his second in command and due to be ‘alpha’ whenever Amos feels it’s time for him to step down. Simon has approximately zero rank or real function but I love him so he gets drawn a lot


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spacecaptainoftheforest said:


THANK U!!! i love them a lot…


This kid is hilarious


aight let me say this tho. when biphobic lesbians say things like ‘i don’t wanna be anywhere a guy has been” or the more cissexist/transphobic “i don’t wanna be anywhere a dick has been”

you’re kind of treating a bi woman like a used object. and totally qualifying her based on her past experiences. and deciding what does or does not impact her worth and purity. 

and ur a piece of crap.

*points* m’wolves

*points* m’wolves

Anonymous said:
PLEASEE post a nude pic as soon as possible







How to balance a checkbook

why is this on my dash. what the fuck im not 40 

Honestly you should start doing this when you start working.

You don’t have to be 40 to know valuable life skills tbh

I know people in their 50’s who don’t know how to do this. You need to know how to do this when you get your first job. It will make your life so much easier.

Dude, it’s NEVER too early to start implementing basic financial skills. Hell, I wish someone had sat down with me when I was 13 and taught me all this then.

Update: I dumped it to get rid of the evidence of my sHAME

miggrator replied to your photo:Making bottles full of piss like substances: just…

It looks like imitation orange juice to me. Hope your witchy things work out! least it’s not horrifically poisonous or anything it’s just a hilarious failure


Tip: if a billion recipes say to use ferrous sulfate , that doesn’t mean you can get away with using your daily iron supplement pills as a substitute like a lazy patoot


MAN i love anything and everything gothic americana like think about southwestern gothic with flickering motel lights and thieves and snakes hiding in sunset deserts, but also new england gothic with deep dark woods and bodies sunk into the bottom of freezing lakes, and appalachian gothic with dirty-feet tangle-haired children and small crumbling houses and the wind whistling eerily, and even midwest gothic with lonely tractors rusting away in the sunlight and endless plains and plains of vast nothingness as far as the eye can see, florida gothic (old bones sunk into the swamp), wisconsin gothic (the town’s been snowed in for weeks now, who knows what’s happening up there), california gothic (they don’t call ‘em ghost towns for nothing), colorado gothic (something’s living up in those mountains and it only comes out at night) and of course southern gothic to rule them all, a landscape of witchery, poverty, hellfire and damnation

Making bottles full of piss like substances: just witchy things

Making bottles full of piss like substances: just witchy things