what did he do/say?

One of the things he’s said in the past that was uncomfortable was using the t-slur in an argument of how it’s a terrible slur… but still without censoring himself as a cis person, and not like..GETTING WHY THATS NOT GOOD. I think he’d apologized for it since but it still happened and was bad

Stuff like that should always be called out and you shouldnt have to cater to someone just because their intentions are good……thats not how you improve things. So the people who idealize him to the umpteenth degree aren’t doing ANYONE any favors

anyway cant wait to go back to flotown after graduation and be unemployed for the rest of my life lmaoooooo

john green is not a saint nor a hero nor does he, as with any other author/celebrity, need to be put on a pedestal. He’s said problematic things that need to be called out, addressed, and done away with.

But he’s also not The Worst Person In The World…

I think tumblr has a really. REALLY. Bad habit of either ‘idealizing a person to godlike status’ or turning them into a literal incarnation of Satan and like…that’s not how the world works

that’s not how PEOPLE work. I see it most often with him I think though

and again, I am sure part of it is because his main demographic on this site is teen girls and this site LOOOOVVEEEESSS to shit all over the interests of teen girls. so



I have never read a John Green novel.

But I would care a lot more about critiques of him if any of the people I’ve seen shitting on him had actually read a John Green novel either.

Or pretty much anything that has ever come out of his mouth.

It’s really disgusting that people accuse John Green, a writer with clinical depression and anxiety to the point of it being very disabling at different times of his life, as someone who might romanticize and encourage teen suicide.

As an aside, I love his self awareness about his own writing. That shit is hard to do.

On the existence of his crash course videos alone, which provide free, accessible, consistent, intersectional, and quality higher level education to anyone with an internet connection (which is a fucking revolutionary concept and execution and should not be treated lightly) I am forever a fan of this man.

Large moss terrarium is getting a little intense in there

Large moss terrarium is getting a little intense in there

omg the guy in the room next to me is humming ‘pure imagination’

went to close out of ps and this was all that was open

went to close out of ps and this was all that was open


Lil shower


Lil shower


cool it comes with a free refill 


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When I was at the hospital in March a nurse was reading my paperwork while I was lyin there and she goes ‘…You look more like 12 than 22’

single tear. The equivalent of being asked if you need a kiddy menu