person: quotes lord of the rings
me: quotes the next 13 minutes of dialogue


I did this post for Write on Com. Figured it would be worth sharing here also.

Diversity in Writing

by author Ellen Oh

Recently, I was part of a conversation where an author said the following: “But there’s been a lot of anger from some quarters about “appropriation” and…

Emotionally invested in Frank the Muggle who gets all of ten pages in the series before dying

Laughing @ this frog who stands around like a person


This map of the Iberian Peninsula, painted on a lapis lazuli plate, was made around 1550 by Augustin Hirschvogel, a German cartographer. It is now in the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam.



What’s better than Macklemore? This.

this is the song Macklemore stole “Thrift Shop” from

it’s also a very important video b/c the only white person has a mask on


I smell trouble brewing

♥ largedirt

♥ largedirt



If you notice me reblogging

  • a repost
  • stolen art
  • false information
  • etc.

please let me know, you’re not rude or annoying and I actually do give a fuck and I will correct my mistake, thank you

Also, if you notice me reblogging things from

  • anti-sj blogs
  • TERFs or SWERFs
  • anti-feminist/MRAs
  • other shitty people

please give me a heads up. I’ll never get angry at you for letting me know and I’ll actually be really glad that you kept me from giving some awful person more visibility.

I’m about to start Goblet of Fire and I’m hesitant as usual even though it’s so good because it marks the end of the kind of innocence the first three books were steeped in

it’s a necessary change and even though I’ve read the books a billion times it always makes me sad….GROWING UP ALL OVER AGAIN



back to school commercials


back to school commercials after graduation




Did a little experiment last night! I got inspired by the format of this webcomic, and wanted to see how something like it would apply to my own works. It’s definitely a really fun and flexible way to tell a story, if one method doesn’t work the other does!

This is just a one off scenario, but I don’t doubt they’d  get up  to shenanigans like this often.

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