Somewhere there are strange beings looking down on our world saying the same thing about humans. /end deep and meaningful post about vague relativity

    acorn-tree replied to your post:I like mushrooms so much I think because they’re…

    But I’m glad you like mushrooms :)

    omfg Katie

    Went to check the CDC site and it was ‘temporarily unavailable’. Ominous

    I like mushrooms so much I think because they’re all so different, and they just APPEAR and then vanish so quickly so seeing them is a treat sometimes. Also I’m still terrible at identifying them but it’s a CHALLENGE

    My question is how are you so lucky to find all these cool mushrooms?? Hahaha I need to live in a damper area so I too will be blessed with mushroom presence

    Tbh I think it’s just because I started looking for them like…mushrooms are EVERYWHERE. Even when it’s pretty dry one will pop up in our lawn now and then, but when it rains I just go out more nowadays. They don’t last long so I think I’m just more involved with keeping an eye out for them


    aziz ansari’s voice in the back of my head faintly telling me to treat myself is going to be my downfall

    Why do you take such precious photos of mushrooms?????


    not really but I’ve always liked piddling around with photography and especially macro photography and then I realized mushrooms neither run away nor bite you so

    blogs with drug urls keep reblogging one of my mushroom pictures but it’s just some LBM and i’m like ‘i mean sure w/e’

    Also a couple of big ol Agarics (?) I found on our walk. I think the bottom one might be a young field mushroom.

    scully: do you believe in aliens
    mulder: wait but like... they exist.
    mulder: do you mean do i support them emotionally?




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    End of Stage

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